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Posted: March 30th, 2015

Eagle Speaker, Tim & Roxanne - wedding


TIMOTHY GLEN & ROXANNE NONA EAGLE SPEAKER (BLOOD), husband and wife, passed away in Stand Off, AB on March 20th, 2015. Roxanne was born June 10, 1973 in Cardston, AB. She attended Saipoyi, Fort Macleod, Cardston and Kainai High School. She also attended Red Crow Community College. Her great grandfather, Steve Oka, gave her a Blackfoot name “Kowaisiyaakii”. She was a hard worker and worked at various places as a short order cook and odd jobs. Roxy was a homemaker who loved to cook and sew. She always wanted to learn how to do beadwork. She enjoyed listening to her music while cleaning house and would often end up dancing in her living room. She met the love of her life, Timmy Eagle Speaker, in 1992. They have four beautiful children: Travis, Justin, Timmy Jr, and Mia whom they cherish.; adopted daughter Vada Blood; adopted sons: Vance & Keegan Chief Moon. Roxy and Tim opened their home to everyone. Roxy had a big heart for her family and friends, including her children¹s friends. She was excellent at working with the elderly and handicapped children. She and Tim were quite busy cheering on their children at basketball games. Mia, Roxy¹s daughter, loved to sing and talk with her Mom. Mia enjoyed listening to her mom¹s stories about her childhood. Toxy was extremely proud of Mia, who was crowned Saipoyi Indian Princess. Roxy was well loved and will be dearly missed by her home community. Besides her children, Roxy is survived by her parents Shirley (Wilfred) Blood – Calling Last; brother Lanny; sister Cherice Calling Last; aunties Sadie Bruised Head, Karen Bottle, Jennifer Weasel Head, Delories Bull Calf, Delores Scout, Sally (Marlon) Eagle Speaker; uncles Andrew (Holly) Bull Calf, Johnny (Bonita) Blood, Sandy Blood, Leroy (Regina) Hunt, Moses (Shelly) Spear Chief; great uncle Gordon Plain Woman; great auntie Rita Spear Chief; other relatives include the following families – Blood, Many Fingers, Bare Shin Bone, Eagle Child, Russell, Bruised Head, Willows, Fox, Pace, Williams, Plain Woman, Scout, Tailfeathers, McDonald, Red Crow, Black Forehead, Bad Arm, Bull Calf, Wadsworth, Hunt, Big Head, Buckskin, Black Water, Standing Alone, Young Pine, Connelly (USA), Marchant (USA), English, Soop, Brewer, Yellow Old Woman. Roxy was predeceased by a son Justin (2012), grandparents Charlie & Catherine Blood; great grandfather Charlie Blood Sr. (Marchant); maternal great grandparents Herbert & Martha Bull Calf; aunties Sharon, Lorna, & Emily Blood; uncle Charles Blood III; great aunties Maude Calling Last, Annie Bare Shin Bone, Alice Willows; cousin Billy Scout. Timothy Glenn Eagle Speaker was born on July 22, 1968 in Cardston, AB. Timothy spent his life on the Blood Reserve. He attended Standoff Elementary School; he later attended St. Mary’s Residential School. This is where he had the opportunity to play and excel at numerous sports, but his greatest passion was in basketball. He played with the Kainai Braves. One of his other passions was horses, he loved to help his uncles train race horses. He was a very artistic individual who put a lot of his heart into all of his art pieces. He was a kind hearted person and was a real character who loved to play tricks on all his loved ones. He loved to make everyone around him laugh. Tim met the love his life Roxanne Eagle Speaker (Blood) at a very young age. He was a very loving and devoted father. Through thick and thin, Tim and Roxanne were always at each other¹s side. They were blessed with five very beautiful children. They ware a basketball family. They were their children¹s biggest supporters and absolutely their children¹s number one fans. Kainai high school had bought him a warrior¹s jacket because he was such a great supporter of the team. Timothy is survived by his children; paternal grandmother Pauline ES; father Morton (Joan) ES; brothers Jason (Sabrina), Wade (Starly), Clarence (Trish) BW, Lance B; sister Tina Beans, Edna, Anita (Gary) B, Jolie (Fagen), Lydia (Emersin), Sherri and Sheila, Arlene (Todd), Debbra TM, Sherri (Russell) BW; uncles Tyrone, Symore, Cliffton (Toby); auntie Moms Marilyn (Charlie),Randa (Danny), Brenda (Tina); aunties Ruth, Abby, Jennifer, Deloris, Gloria Ann; Great Uncles Frank (Sylvia), Pete (Wanda), Wayne (Dianne); Great Aunts Theresa (Tony) F, Theresa P, Leona, Elizabeth, Lulu Muskego. Timothy is predeceased by his son Justin. His mother Loretta. Great grandparents Patrick SR (Paula), Charles (Julia) ES, Laurie (Minnie). Grandparents Patrick JR (Annie) WH, Orton ES. His brothers Murdis ES, Gilbert BS Jr. his sister Gina. His Uncles Fred, David (Jughead), Charlie WH, Moses, Dean, Mike Steele, David ES, Mike Oka Sr, Clifford ES, Glenn ES. His aunts Marlene, Julia ES, Joanne H, Kim ES, Helen (Martin) M, Margret (Jack) MB. A Wake Service will be held at the Senator Gladstone Hall, Blood Reserve on Sunday, March 29th from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m . The Funeral Service will be held at the Senator Gladstone Hall, Blood Reserve on Monday, March 30th at 11:00 a.m. Interment in St. Catherine¹s Cemetery, Blood Reserve. Email condolences to: legacycardston@gmail.com

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  1. Gerald DeBruyn says:

    My heart goes out to the couples children and ask GOD to comfort them in this very tragic death of their parents. Trust in God for all your needs during this time of life and death. Follow Jesus Christ.


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