Posted: March 27th, 2020


He never lost hope. He never surrendered. He gave everything he was and everything he could be. But even an army built of love and support could not save this good man from the relentless onslaught of Alzheimer’s Disease. Bob was diagnosed at age 57. Alzheimer’s shows no mercy. It never stops. It robbed him of his independence, his ability to choose, all ability to do anything for himself. But Bob never lost his ability to laugh and his engrained sense of courtesy. Almost to the end, he could still show enthusiasm for a good meal by saying “Mmm good” and “Thank-you”. But Alzheimer’s always wins and Bob finally lost his long war on March 20th, 2020.

Bob was the best travel partner anyone could ask for. A day in Waterton or Calgary was a holiday day, but a plane anywhere was fabulous! Bob fell in love with Thailand and we were lucky enough to go three times. If he disappeared, he could be found by a soup cart. He was always game for anything new. He was a terrific cook and loved entertaining friends and family with a feast – turkey dinner for 18 or big barbeque in the back yard – the more the merrier.

As much as he liked people, Bob liked all animals: would save a mouse or a spider from a bad end. But he loved cats. He and Deb shared the companionship of a few over the years and the loss of each one broke his heart. They were all precious to him but none more so than Lola, his faithful furry friend for many years.

Bob loved a cold beer on a hot day, a good bottle of red wine, a snapping game of Canasta, coaching and cursing various hockey teams from his couch and complaining about politicians of the day. A man years ahead of his time, he was dreaming of solar panels 40 years ago. And a man from times gone by, when you did everything yourself. He built six houses and renovated one old house. He could pour concrete, frame, drywall and paint. He could install windows, frame doors, build stairs and landscape. He knew that nothing came without the work. Bob was a proud member of the Construction & General Workers’ Union and worked a lot of big jobs in the province.

There have been so many wonderful, caring people who assisted us over the years by providing tremendous support to Bob: Dr Ikuta for his kindness and good care, Kelly Maguire who is a gift to people, Tina Priel who is the best health care companion ever, and the staff of the Legacy Lodge dementia cottage where Bob lived the last 16 months of his life. They are the best in their chosen fields of care and an example of what care should be for all.

To our constant friends who accepted Bob every day: Barb and Don, Chris, Sharon, Jeanne and Brian, I would never have made it without you.

Bob is mourned by his life-long love and partner Deb Rakos, his sister Jean and brother Jim. When we find our new normal in the world, family and friends will be invited to remember and celebrate the life of this good man.

In Bob’s memory, any donations to the Last Chance Cat Ranch in Bob’s memory are appreciated.

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