Posted: August 10th, 2016

1160_WzYqACdM_Hungry Wolf, O - Obituary PhotoHUNGRY WOLF

OKAN HUNGRY WOLF made his departure for home to the happy hunting grounds on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at the age of 43 years. He chose to go soar with the eagles in the mountains he so loved.

Left to cherish his memory are his parents Beverly (John) and Adolf Hungry Wolf, his children Sunny Rain and Azalea, his siblings Niq (Shaun), Wolf (Brenda), Iniskim (Quindy), Star (Pat), Shane (Sherry) and adopted siblings Vern and Paulette.

Okan was born June 25, 1973 and lived his years between the family homestead near Skookumchuck, B.C., and the Blood Reserve where family and ceremonies often called. He was raised in a household rich with his culture. His upbringing, surrounded by nature, influenced Okan’s lifelong love of living as one with the natural environment. His home was the many camps he made throughout the countryside often accompanied only by his horses and dogs. Okan was proud, quiet and deep of spirit, humble and respectful of others.

His formal education was achieved through home schooling by his parents and throughout his lifetime he continued learning teachings of niitsi’tapi – the real people. He was first painted by Willie Scraping White Makkoi’yapii who gave him the name Matsi’staayo’towa. He was painted by numerous noted elders. As a child he spent much time with Moka’kin (Pat Weasel Head). He began receiving transfers of various rites at the tender age of three, when he became a nii’namskaan, receiving the sacred topknot for the Mountain Medicine Pipe. He was transferred a straight-up headdress by Tom Morning Owl, a weasel shirt by Larry Plume and numerous other sacred articles. At the age of 12, he became co-owner with his family of the Beaver Medicine Bundle. At 23, he sat holy with Itsspo’wanaato’ komi / Stella Tallman for the Okan, or Medicine Lodge at the Kainaiwa Sun Dance, a partnership for six Medicine Lodges. For 12 years, he learned the Okan ceremony with Pi’kunii Sun Dance leader Mike Swims Under, who also transferred him rights to the Kit Fox Society, when Mike became his grandfather. Okan also learned the songs for the Thunder Medicine Pipes and Beaver Bundles and throughout his lifetime helped his father lead these ceremonies. He also partook in Brave Dogs Society for many years. At Taos Pueblo in New Mexico, he was given a corn planting ceremony by adopted grandfather Pat Romero, with whom he spent much time while learning their ways. Okan loved the mountains. He grew up in them and spent much of his life hiking, climbing, riding, guiding and establishing camp sites. He referred to himself as ‘a Survivalist Technician’ and prided himself in being able to live in the mountains in a tipi at any time of the year. He was a skilled huntsman and archer. He had expert knowledge of the fauna and plant life native to this land, as he learned from his studies at the Universities of Lethbridge and British Columbia. While studying at UBC, he designed his own course, titled ‘Native Ecology’ and used this knowledge as he worked for the Blood Tribe Lands Department. During his employment with tribal lands, he carried out various research for extended periods at the Timber Limits/Beebe Flats from where he led excursions and summited Chief Mountain many times.

He was an artist both drawing and painting; a craftsman using traditional Blackfoot materials and design. He was also a photographer, videographer, illustrator and writer, co-authoring several books with his father and accompanied him on many journeys throughout the world. Among his passions were cars, trains, sail boating and fishing. He was a singer of ceremonial songs and an old time Chicken Dancer, spending many hours with his Uncle Tony Black Water practicing dance moves. With his younger brother, Iniskim, he learned about life, working together at jobs such as bee keeping, logging, horse training, inventing and building. They recently competed with their horses in Indian relay races and worked as extras in numerous films and television programs. He was a snowboarder and an avid runner, covering vast distances on the reserve. He ran many marathons and at the last Moonlight Run, won a silver medal. Recently, he was Interpreter and Wagoneer at Fort Whoop-Up in Lethbridge.

Okan was often seen traversing Standoff in his wagon behind his team of Spanish Mustangs while surrounded by many children and dogs. He will be forever missed by his children whom he loved beyond words. He leaves behind family and friends with whom he left a lasting impression. The loss of Okan imparts one to live life fully and love with no bounds in the fragility of life.

Okan was predeceased by his paternal grandparents Adolf Gutohrlein, Elsa and Irvin Couch, his maternal grandparents Edward & Ruth Little Bear and his bro Jude Creighton. He is survived by his uncles Morris, Leroy (Amethyst) and Gary (Lisa), his Aunt Erika and family in Germany, nieces and nephews Shelby, Sarah, Rope, Jaxon, Danika, Cash, Aliyah, Dusty, Jake, Winona, Natanik, Teresa, Austin, Jackie and Dallas, relatives from families of Heavy Head, Day Chief, Heavy Runner, Knife, Hunt, Bebee, McDonald, Low Horn, Fox, Eagle Plume and Weasel Head, his Blackfoot family, Bird Rattler, Bull Plume, Boy, Little Plume, Kicking Woman and Kipp/Davis, Crow family the Alden’s, families from the Okan, Beaver Bundle and Ni’naamskaan, special friends Kevin Healy, Matt Bruised Head, Brad Hamlett, Lige Bruised Head, John Bergenske, Cliff Grant, Dexter Healy, Tim Brown Weasel, Roy Bare Shin Bone, Brian Wadsworth, Alvin Many Chiefs, Orlando Calling Last, Blair Orr, John Day Rider, Jessie DeRocher, Lenny and James Eagle Tailfeathers, his friends from the Lands Department, his guiding buddies and his homeboys from Canal Flats and Cranbrook area. Okan’s family sincerely apologizes if anyone was missed as Okan had numerous family and friends, all of whom are so very appreciated.

A Family Service will be held at CORNERSTONE FUNERAL HOME – 2800 Mayor Magrath Drive South, Lethbridge, AB on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 4:00 P.M.

A Wake Service will follow at GLADSTONE HALL – Blood Reserve, AB from 6:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

A Funeral Service will be held at GLADSTONE HALL on Thursday, August 11, 2016 at 1:00 P.M.

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11 Condolences for “HUNGRY WOLF, Okan”

  1. Jennifer Eaglespeaker says:

    Beverly my deepest condolances are with you right now. My heart is heavy i just heard and i know of no way to find you. Im so sorry. This is Tina Normans sister. I remember Okan so much. He left a mark on me i willalways remember his singing and great smile. I remember when George and Molly would have their bundle openings in the Spring he would be singing and come up to Darrell Normans to visit. I remember when Molly brought me up to kiani to dance withthe brave dogs on the blood reserve at the Okan up there. I will always remember how good you were to me when i needed it bringing me i to yiur camp. The years pass so quickly. Im in Seattle, Wa now raising my family in our traditional ways. I suppose he is free now and i will try not to morn too long for you all. Your in my prayers. All my love to you and your family. <3 ~ Jennifer Eaglespeaker

  2. Jake and Penny Cardinal says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you Auntie.

  3. Edwin Knox says:

    Myself and my collogues here at Waterton Lakes National Park send our condolences …very saddened to hear of this news. I climbed Sofa Mountain with Okan, Kansie Fox and Martin Curley Rider …it was a special day to share with all. I remember his tobacco offering on the summit and the rest we all enjoyed under the blue sky after the strenuous climb. We worked together with Okan on invasive plant control. He always added positive energy to our collaborative efforts in that challenging program. As long as I travel in the beautiful Belly River country I will think of Okan …he was so strongly connected to that area. Our hearts goes out to his Mother, Father, Family and Friends.

  4. Sean LeMoine says:

    I had only recently heard of Okan’s passing and was sadden by the news. Occasionally, we are fortunate to have someone enter our lives who, even if for a short time, opens our eyes a bit more and makes the day a little brighter. Okan was such a person for me. Thank you Okan for the shared stories, meals, and laughs and for the patience you showed this curious outsider from the east coast. My sincere condolences to friends and family. Happy hunting Okan.

  5. Kati, Speck & Family says:

    Hallo Adolf

    vor dem Jahresende – war damit beschäftigt, Dir zu schreiben. Bevor ich schreibe, dachte ich, ein wenig nach zu schauen, was steht im Internet, Google, über Dich,- hast Du neue Bücher geschrieben – .

    Und ich fine eine sehr traurige Nachricht die ich mit Bestürzung lese.

    Bitte Dich, und Deine Familie, nimm unser innigstem, teifsten Beiled.

    von Kati und die Family

  6. t martino yamamoto says:


    you go, but will come back.

    thank you for the name

  7. Sharon Hart & Tim Spanos says:

    Beverly & family – so sorry to hear of your loss. Condolences to his whole family.

  8. Angus Robert William Norman says:

    i didn’t know him,but knew him long ago, remember him fondly.From what i see and hear and read would have been good friends.Such a shame <3 my regrades

  9. Lyubomir 'Pinapohsina' says:

    My heart is still bleeding with your ones… I would never forget your son, brother, father, and husband – my friend and brother Okan.

  10. Milko says:

    When I spent the first day on the reserve at Bob’s place while a beaver bundle ceremony was prepared I did not know anybody for real. Okan came over and we talked for a while. He made me feel welcomed and accepted in a special way. I never met him again but through the years he appears regularly in my mind, in my memories. Though I met Okan only once and never again I feel like I’m missing him. How must the people feel who loved Okan. I pray for your whole family and hope to meet Okan in a different world again. Aatowapistootooikak!

  11. Nancy crombach says:

    I remember you from my child hood. Rest in peace beautiful soul.

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